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’ It’s not the first time I’ve been called that, and usually I just keep smiling and stay silent. Recently, in two separate courtrooms, both Dave Lee Travis and Bill Roache had been denounced as ’dirty old men’. ’ or two too many for my ex’s taste — but did I deserve to be branded a dirty old man? When I was a teenager I always swore that I would never grow up to be a dirty old man — like my dad.Whenever I found him with his arm around some woman I used to say to him, mimicking the voice of Harold Steptoe, ‘You dirty old man! I remember the horror of seeing him on the floor of the Groucho Club after he made a puckered-lipped lunge at a woman — and missed and fell off his bar stool.An avocado, for instance, might be more calorific than that biscuit, but it’s packed full of heart and brain-boosting omega-3, while the biscuit is nothing but a quick sugar hit.Nutritionists and dieticians talk about ‘empty’ calories – foods that might seem ‘good’ because they are ‘low fat’ or ‘low cal’, but which contribute very little nutrition. Demographically we are becoming an older society, and baby-boomer men like me have rejected the traditional idea that growing older means giving up certain passions and pleasures of one’s youth.We keep wearing jeans, listening to rock music and expecting an active sex life.For more information, please refer our Terms of Use: awesome features coming soon!

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