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Although the etiology is not clear, there are a minority of cases, less than 10%, where autism is part of another condition.

Such cases are often referred to as “secondary” autism; these include tuberous sclerosis, fragile X syndrome, phenylketonuria and congenital infections secondary to rubella and cytomegalovirus(11-17).

Etiology The exact cause of autism and the other ASDs is still not known.

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Therefore, it is important that physicians be able to recognize the various signs and symptoms of this group of disorders(19).

Presentation 50% of parents (and more) have cause for concern by 12-18 months of age. Other common concerns include: Regression (losing skills that have been acquired) is seen in approximately 25% of children.

The skills may be in language, play or social skills(18).

Epidemiology ASD occurs more often in boys than girls, with a 4:1 male-to-female ratio(4).

The reported prevalence rates of autism and its related disorders have been increasing worldwide over the past decades, from approximately 4 per 10 000 to children(5-9).

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