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We sell both traditional memorials and Life’s Memorial personal tribute memorials, which incorporate Lifes Memories glass plaques into a stone memorial.We provide families with a range of memorial options including, memorial crypts, headstones, tablets, cremation estates, additional inscriptions and restorations.We can be contacted by phone, email or by visiting our office.Wauwi was the wife of Kadlitpina (Kaurna Elder), and Colonel William Light (1786-1839) was the first Surveyor-General of South Australia responsible for the development of the 1837 Adelaide Plan.

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” Sitting at the Adelaide Oval on Friday morning, just a few stops on the bus from the house and the club that took him in seven years ago, Root took a moment to reminisce on his journey from chubby teenage cherub to England’s Ashes captain. For all the hard work people did at the academy, and the club, and all the experiences that I had from it, I’m extremely grateful.” For her part, Tiffany will be at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday with her two nieces: Root’s ‘sisters’. “I always like to see Australia do well, but I hope England win.If you’re going north out of central Adelaide, you’ll want to take a left off the Princes Highway, away from the tyre shops and hardware stores; down a smart, wide residential avenue lined with sleepy bungalows and neat, matching gardens.You feel the soft crunch of purple jacaranda blossom underfoot. Ahead, the beige brick edifice of Prospect District Cricket Club gives way to a lush green oval with a modest sightscreen at either end. You are 19 years old, 10,000 miles away from home, and on your own.“Joe’s never forgotten where he started,” Tiffany says.“Every time he comes to Adelaide, he comes to see us.

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