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Mrs Marsh It gets right into teeth, like this liquid gets into chalk. With fluoridated water, of course, you get both - you get the systemic benefit for little kiddies, and you get the much greater topical effect. It's like a little fluoride treatment lots and lots of times during the day to make your teeth stronger.

NARRATIONTraditionally, the Queensland State Government has left the decision to add fluoride to local councils.

Dr Michael Foley It's like decisions on vaccinations or speed limits or bicycle helmets or smoking. Fluoridation is scientifically and ethically wrong. If people want to take fluoride it is easily added to a glass of water.

Major health decisions like that are best made at State and Federal level. Dr Denis Ingham Dentist Bundaberg Indigenous Wellbeing Centre Dr Michael Foley Director Brisbane Dental Hospital Professor Michael Moore Vice-president Australasian College of Toxicology & Risk Assessment Stephen Bennett Qld State MP for Burnett Mal Forman Mayor Bundaberg Regional Council Fluoride Fact Sheet, Qld Government Queensland Government Fluoride information NHMRC review of the efficacy and safety of fluoridation An Assessment of Bone Fluoride and Osteosarcoma - Harvard Study ^ top Just went to the NHMRC site quoted, to view my governments current view on this topic. I WANT CURRENT, UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH, NOT INFORMATION THAT IS 37 YEARS OLD. Why are we watering the garden, washing in and drinking this neurotoxic waste chemical.

Professor Michael Moore They reviewed 5,500 papers, and, on the basis of the papers of the highest quality, concluded that there was no association between fluoridation and illness.

NARRATIONMerilyn Haines is a member of the anti-fluoride lobby. NARRATIONBut toxicologist Michael Moore strongly disagrees with the line taken by the anti-fluoride lobby. NARRATIONSo getting the dose right with water fluoridation is critical, just as it is when you treat water with chloride.

There are so many studies saying that it's safe when it's used properly. Local councillors usually aren't scientists, and, by their own admission, don't feel qualified to make these decisions.

Mal Forman It's not up to us to be doing and dealing with health issues because it's not our department.

Dr Michael Foley I'm not going to criticise the government, but the decision and the legislation was not based on the health of Queenslanders - and, as a health professional, that disturbs me.

NARRATIONCiting financial concerns along with community pressure, more than a dozen councils have pulled the plug on fluoridation. Mal Forman When I was elected as mayor, I made a commitment to the public and my people that I would not support the fluoridation of our city. Stephen Bennett We all know that there's a few consistent things that came through.

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