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Lewis Ellingham and Kevin Killian note, "Virginia—Ginny—Richard's girlfriend," they said, engaged in an affair with Aste, newly arrived from Salt Lake City, Utah, starting in the spring of 1962.They eloped and married (Ellingham and Killian 223).Later, the new family moved to Sonoma County's Valley of the Moon.

They returned to California in early October 1963 and rented an apartment on Bay Street, near Fisherman's Wharf.Brautigan's reaction to Virginia's revelation of her affair with Aste was immediate.He packed some clothes, his notebooks, and the evolving manuscript for and telephoned Ron Loewinshon, who agreed to provide temporary housing at his apartment at 1056 Fourteenth Street where he lived with his wife Joan Gatten.From here, faced with lack of income, Brautigan moved four times before the end of the year seeking less expensive housing.Brautigan's only income was from his part-time job at Pacific Chemical measuring out barium swallows.

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