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Because that's exactly what they did while growing up, and they were still able to earn a decent middle-class living as adults.Your parents grew up in a hell-hole compared to their American peers!I think that all your articles on authoritarian parents should be prefaced with a warning to seek professional help.

I met my wife at the age of She asian showed up at my parent one night, wholly unexpected.

Of course, my insights are far from scientific, so the usual disclaimers about anecdotal evidence apply here.

So you're a kid currently growing up in a household with overbearing Asian parents, the sort that probably: I'll briefly talk about Options 1 and 2 and then spend the majority of this article on Option 3, which I feel is the only reasonable choice.

Your parents grew up 30 to 40 years ago in a poor third-world country.

I don't care whether they came from China, Korea, Vietnam, or any other Asian country—chances are that they grew up much poorer than the parents of your middle-class (probably white) American friends.

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