Boyfriend still logs into dating site

The metaphor “no one wants to see how the hot dog is made” is perfect in dating, but will never get you anywhere in marriage.

Marriage is all about seeing the making of a hotdog (bad metaphor, I agree).

Although you shouldn’t feel alone, it’s no less devastating to find out your lover has loved another, regardless of your current level of machismo.

Try to hang onto that notion and focus on the golden rule—would you want her to be forever embarrassed over your indiscretions?Make sure your spouse knows that she has lost your trust and that it will take some time for her to gain that trust back. Not trusting someone you love is harder on you than it is on her. For many men a cheating spouse is the worst fear; now that you have encountered your biggest fear and didn’t keel over, take strength in that.Ask her to be respectful of that and to make you feel secure in your relationship during this time. Regardless of what happens in the relationship, your inability to trust due to the actions of someone else will inadvertently rear its head in your other relationships. For all the jokes that television and comedians make about marriage, the truth is that many of us have happy marriages.Check out our in house program, The Orgasm Academy and The App 101 Nights by Laura corn for becoming a great lover and keeping your long term sex life hot. Men are almost, always peddled as cheaters and liars.Thankfully many women know that’s a blanket statement and not true–in most cases.

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