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He also tapped into his inner-Jodeci with the unforgettable line “Are you feeling my Timbs? What made matters worse is that Timberlake’s infamous Super Bowl moment with Janet Jackson in February 2004 caused a negative ripple effect.JC was meant to perform “Blowin’ Me Up” during the Pro Bowl in Hawaii a week following the halftime show, but his appearance was later nixed due to the song’s “inappropriate” content.That unfairly cast a shadow over Chasez, who was arguably the pillar that kept their music floating high on the charts thanks to his pristine vocals.Timberlake’s signature falsetto was mostly heard on the hooks that made songs like “I Want You Back” and “Pop” so catchy.But JC’s soulful croons carried the weight of the majority of the band’s singles. JC’s vocal dexterity was prominent ever since *NSYNC’s early singles like “Here We Go” and “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” and it only grew stronger during his time in the group.The singer’s voice beautifully ebbed and flowed through the R&B-tinged “I Just Wanna Be With You” from their debut album, while the club mix of “For the Girl Who Has Everything” found him taking control of both verses, without the need for Timberlake’s solo presence. ” on “Bring It All to Me,” his 1999 collaboration with girl group Blaque that earned him a hit outside of *NSYNC years before Timberlake.

In January 2010, she made attempts to win back control of her life again and come out of the legal rule by her father Jamie.

Being a celebrity is no guarantee of an entry to parties. In March 09, Jamie ordered her to read Bible for an hour a day.

In July 09, reports are out that her dad will relinquish his conservatorship which allows her to get her life back in her hands.

Later during October 2008, the parents had put her in a 6-month sex ban so that she will not fall into bad hands.

They used the dispute with manager to take charge of her.

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