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When Will turns out to fit this description, Lisa drafts in her society colleagues who decide to play a few pranks on Will that he will never forget.

She ties him up to a chair and leaves him there where he eventually frees himself by burning through the ropes with a lit candle.

Ross Bagley was added to the show's cast, playing a now preschool-aged Nicky Banks despite the character being a newborn infant in the previous season.

This is common in television series and soap operas.

Right when Will is about to tell the truth about Santa to Nicky, a woman appears at the window.

She invites Will to the pool house where Santa is waiting.

However, the recording executive secretly decides that Will is incapable of handling Ashley's career and Will is fired. After her split with country singer Kenny Chesney, the 39-year-old actress has enjoyed a single life for more than three years.But rumors sparked that the Oscar-winning actress has finally found someone.When Will and Carlton invite Jazz over to play poker, they decide it is time for a bit of revenge that is long since overdue.They attempt to distract him from his game, by telling him a phony story of how Will was the main witness to a murder, and how this resulted in himself and the entire Banks family being forced into the witness protection program in Alabama, hiding from the hitman John "Fingers" O'Neill (Brad Garrett).

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