Dating adverts what they really mean

Time to inspect Papyrus's outfit for a hidden secret. YOU LIKE CARESSING MY BICEPS WITH A FLOATING HEART. EXPERT TIP: ALL CLOTHING ARTICLES CAN BE IMPROVED THIS WAY. sometimes weirdos put whoopee cushions on the seats. even though nothing could be further from the truth. seeing his dedication, she decided to give him warrior training. I SNAGGED AN OFFICIAL DATING RULEBOOK FROM THE LIBRARY! YOU CAN'T SPELL "PREPARED" WITHOUT SEVERAL LETTERS FROM MY NAME!!!

"WEAR CLOTHING..." THAT BANDANA AROUND YOUR HEAD... I ALWAYS WEAR MY "SPECIAL" CLOTHES UNDERNEATH MY REGULAR CLOTHES!! YOU DON'T TRULY UNDERSTAND THE HIDDEN POWER OF THIS OUTFIT!!! ) But, despite his knowledge, he always orders the worst burger off the menu. I leave Grillby's, and head over to the brothers' home. didn't you just say not to bring it back to my room? (Inside the joke book was a quantum physics book.) (You look inside...) (Inside the quantum physics book was another jook book.) (You look inside...) (There's another quantum physics book...) (You decide to stop.) IT ALWAYS REMINDS ME OF WHAT'S IMPORTANT IN LIFE.

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