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The stories have, for the most part, a medico-legal motive, and the methods of solution described in them are similar to those employed in actual practice by medical jurists.The stories illustrate, in fact, the application to the detection of crime of the ordinary methods of scientific research.

In this case, the owner, James Burroughs, would like to know when it was taken to help him assign a name to this image.

The French film Z also shows the influence of this approach. (Except in rare cases where they may equal three or five, that is.) In this, one of the most anthologized stories of all time, The Thinking Machine is challenged to escape from a maximum security prison cell by thinking his way out of it."Detection in reverse." Arthur Conan Doyle's brother-in-law created Raffles, to Doyle's chagrin.

Zadig was created by Voltaire, the French philosopher whom Ellery Queen called "The Great-Grandfather of the Detective Story." Here is a discourse by Thomas Henry Huxley which undoubtedly comes nearer Voltaire's account than does my paraphrase on the Home page. And this is the story that started it all -- the very first detective story! The reading public were uncomfortable with a criminal as a protagonist and implored Hornung to reform Raffles, but it was years before he did so. Watson, mentioned this story in the film The Scarlet Claw, which starred Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes.)A rare coin may be counterfeit.

Buttons as a design element were popular in the early 20th century.

Here they appear as ornamentation to highlight the placket leading from the collar as well as the center seam of the dress.

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