Dating thessaloniki greece

They’re wrestling with the key issues moving forward: how will the huge volume of information gathered during the excavation be handled, and where will the more than 300,000 items collected by archaeologists since work began on the subway system in 2006 be stored and displayed?Across the entire network, artifacts have been discovered; they range in date from the Hellenistic Period all the way up until the great fire of 1917.Today, both Adam-Veleni and Ioannis Mylopoulos, the chairman of Attiko Metro, are here with me to explain the rationale behind the management of the subterranean archaeological treasures found within the walls of the ancient city.The excavations, they say, are ninety percent complete.

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To accomplish this, Adam-Veleni explains, 98% of the road will be left untouched.The corpse also might be washed with water and wine and treated with olive oil, but direct evidence for embalming practices and aromatics that might have been mixed into the oil has been less clear, the researchers wrote."Never before [have] such embalming substances been shown for this time period in Greece," said Rühli's colleague Christina Papageorgopoulou of the University of Zurich, who did much of the analysis and initiated the study of the mummy after coming upon the sarcophagus two years ago.“I think of the words of the Byzantine expert Paolo Odorico: ‘Are you really going to destroy your Byzantine Pompeii? What reasonable person would even think of razing this road?How can you disturb something which has remained nearly undisturbed from the 6The Central Archaeological Council closed the book on the issue with its recommendation last February that this thoroughfare, uncovered during the construction of Thessaloniki’s long-delayed underground transportation system, be left in situ.

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