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The experience was, says Luna, “a dream come true”.Bernal adds: “When we were doing Y tu mamá también, we still didn’t know we were going to act in movies.

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And, early next month, Bernal will appear opposite Michelle Williams in Lukas Moodysson’s new film, Mammoth.Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna are like two naughty school boys.Throughout our interview, in a hotel bar in New York, the two Mexican filmstars make fun of each other ceaselessly, teasing and joking, pausing only to stare across the room at a good-looking girl – a friend of theirs who, they are intrigued to note, is sitting with a man who is not her husband.Luna followed Y tu mamá también with an appearance in the Oscar-winning Frida (2002) alongside Salma Hayek.He has also had parts in Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal with Tom Hanks, and in 2008 played Harvey Milk’s unstable lover opposite Sean Penn in Milk.

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