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And yes, I do see a significant shift in the social, political, and religious attitudes of people who are just a few years older than me compared to the people who are just a few years younger than me.Because the initial question was addressed specifically to congregations with Boomer leaderships, I’ll start with a pretty bold declaration of what I think the problem (still) is not, namely worship styles.I spent a lot of time beating a dead horse on this when we left, but loud, flashy instrumental music will not help you retain millennials.My sense is that church leaderships have a tendency to look at worship styles as a solution to millennials leaving the church for a couple of reasons.Without being at least somewhat invested in the characters, the audience might have passed the point of caring when the character finally comes around.It's a cousin trope to Cursed with Awesome — it can be hard to dredge up sad feelings for a character whose life is in every respect more glamorous (or at very least, more interesting) than the audience members'.

********** It’s been six years since my wife and I left the Churches of Christ.108), as both the Son and the Spirit are sent by the Father into the world to accomplish the divine mission (which includes the functions of both the Son and the Spirit).Allen’s book seeks to restore the place of the Holy Spirit in the church’s theology of Trinity, mission, and formation.Note in this case that the "unintentionally" is an important part of this trope: if the excuse the villain makes is flimsy , it's likely not this trope.Often a problem with The Scrappy and some varieties of Mary Sue. A badly done Jerkass Woobie can also be a target of this.

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