Drupal 7 feed aggregator not updating

You might want to attach an image (like a screenshot of the site you are following).Even an event could make sense if you are following, well, an event.* More reviews I'd like to summarize why feeds as nodes are the way to go. The basic reasoning behind this patch is clearly missing from this thread, my apologies for overlooking this.a) Feeds as nodes allow more than one type of feed (think ical, think rss/atom) on a single site by piggy-backing feed configuration on content type configurations.Ideally, either the category tab is hidden when there are no categories to choose from or there is a possibility to create categories on node/x/categorize.* On a feed's node view, there is no possibility to update the feed's items.

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For versions other than Drupal 8, use the i18n (Internationalization) tag on issues which involve or affect multilingual / multinational support. Is the idea to move aggregator categories to taxonomy as a followup patch?Look at to see how many types of aggregator plugins there are. b) We get content type permissions and many more node related features for for free (see #16) c) Feeds as nodes opens the door to using taxonomy on feeds and feed items (albeit with the downside of loosing per item categorization, this is why this is not included in this patch) d) Feeds can be manipulated through nodeapi hooks.I am curious to know 2 things since I am deciding on either using Aggregator or Feed API for my Drupal 6 multisite setup. The ability to discard feed items is valuable since I plan on running sub-sites and I would rather the user go to the sub-site to get their information as opposed to staying on my portal site.Either way, that puts it very much out of scope for this issue. We do plan on having terms be 'fieldable objects' which means that one can attach custom fields to a term (e.g. I would not recommend postponing this patch in favor of fields api.Reading my post again I think it's being read the opposite way to how it was meant. There are several problems with this patch, though: * It defines its own static node type, there is no way to create additional feed content types.

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