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John Young CRYPTOME 251 West 89* Street Suite 6E New York, New York 10024 Dear Mr. Your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request of March 29, 2001 , for records concerning various dossiers. Your request was received in this office on April 18, 2001. Our letter of April 20, 2001, informing you that additional time was needed to review the records and we were unable to comply with the 20-day statutory time limit in processing your request. - ' ■ ■ ^if A resident of STRAUSBERG 5235N-1353K (VU 2426), in early- K^'fch ^97^w Source ' vas telephoned by an individual who identified himself as (fnu)/ And asked her to report to him at the STRAUSBERG Coxuity Vo Po Office \Volkspo W zei- •aisamt]^ located on Wriezener Strasse at 523415N-013525T3 (rj 2/152268S). ller 'fiaace who resided in ;est BSRCJII irtioai Source had repeatedly net in East BSSLIN 5231i T-1323S (UU 9119). FULL NAME ( CIy^ hill nm hmflff, Mrml^*J^,~and with -|Mrur«T' HEIGHT 130 era 2«. Province, Counl Ty ) about 1947, unknown town in SUHL District 9. PRESENT ADDRESS C/nclutfm^ unff location if appficab/e^ JEt.'A/Lobeda, street name and number unknqwn TELEPHONE NO 11. PHOTO SUBMITTED [7] YES f X] NO 14- CITIZENSHIP findicoto dual ciflzenslilp w Aere appljca Wc, " Graduate laviyer (Wirtschaft jxirist) ' -. j— j SINGLE |~~) DIVORCED '\ } WIDOWED PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION 1». Please cite FBI/PA #925709 assigned to your request so that it may be easily identified. To aid you in identifying the AFOSI exempted information, we have bracketed it in black. Coordination has also been completed and we have been informed by the Air Force of Special Investigations (AFOSI) that their information is exempt from the mandatory public disclosure provisions of the FOIA per Title 5 U. The withholding of the information by the AFOSI constitutes a partial denial of your request and you have the right to appeal this decision directly to the AFOSI. Include in the appeal the reason for reconsideration and attach a copy of this letter. ^ Jf^i^ik c'^r-r--/^i^l Hjtt*ir.gt) BOAVJS (G) •J3 -076-74 ^ , 1. summoned to the Voi Kspdlizei Kreisa.'at (VPKA.- Peoples lice County Office); Weimar,- where he i;as interviewed by tv? Source was able to give descriptive ihforaation concerning t C ^ oprle ) was .

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42- ^BLISHCO WORKS f Till* »l «r««l* w »Mk; if arcleto, rakllu MM «^^afi«« ta. J REGRADH) UNCLASSFf ED ON OCT 2 0 1338 3YCDR USAINSCOM F01/PO At JTHPa W1 1-6.1P SPOUSE - FAMILY 43. Enclosure 1 to in m I»w»/Ti*l'm.l9, t/, S, C., S«e^ 793 mnd 794. c J;i Qns O^Ticer Commander (This report is in response to par^ .12a(l)(o) of referenced CIR,) IS.

CIVIL EDUCATION ( Llmt achovlm, locait Son(a)^ malot cour««. « Subject ne Ter'vore-a Party--'badg«i- hoveverf-aa-ao Xf S official it was considei^ pro'ba'bla ba waa.a Party i BWiiber. acouaim 1 I —-•y- — — — \ Subject was believed to be a member of the STRAUSBERG Rod Club and possibly owned a row boat. MATIONALt TT f JMl MM * — » to Mtortato MMO mp J^imt imtmrmmimi Subject's wife vaa an office clerk in the STRAUSBERB ■unicipal administni Tibn^ 05 Subject had a daughter &nd a soxii ^tween 8 ajod 10 yeai^ old. was a studeni ^ y where he met | a^tndent of ^eo Aomic Law who g^'adiiated in Ifoyen^i' igj^O.' Sciuf C*J Mi »um«m^« tmdwt Unm mmnv* C#v« phon«rjc p/oritmc J«rlon of n«f M •pprofvfsf*^ 5US€5§g d.

OTMCMT OTHCR THAN MLITAfl Vi CIIVICCr Ltol Mwto^M*, ^Mltlaaa.' a Jtln*. 'ar V B«caus« of -tb* circu Bs'tances of their meeting, Soorc* was oonrinced Subject was an rf S employee*.:.... te Sfl ADH) ^CLASSIFIED BYCI^b^^^SM F01/PO Agnr H Pa« i-eo,1 p J*. at Ott OANIZATIOMS (^Mto MMMV MCtol, tml Utarj, (TMr.

-3- We have been informed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that the information bracketed in black is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Title 5 U. If you decide to file an appeal, it should be forwarded to the following: Co-Director, Office of Information and Privacy, U. Department of Justice, Flag Building, Suite 570, Washington, DC 20530-0001 within 60 days from the date of this letter.

The envelope and the letter should be clearly marked "Freedom of Information Appeal" or Information Appeal".

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