Feedback and updating mechanism for procedures

Instead, planners are often so focused on "progress" and problem solving, that they're too eager to move on to the next version of the plan.

Celebration is as important as accomplishing objectives -- maybe more.

They outline the ‘how to’ instructions for implementing an area of policy.

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Clearly not all policies are relevant to the resident members and there is not expectation that resident members would have input into developing or reviewing those that are not relevant.

In general by the end of assessment/orientation, residents are aware of the rules and procedures of the TC, are feeling comfortable as a member of the TC, and have committed themselves to the treatment program There are documented policies on aspects relevant to quality assurance, such as occupational health and safety, equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, confidentiality of residents’ records, staff training and qualifications etc.

There are written, agreed upon and well known procedures for management of residents’ affairs, such as admission and discharge, management of residents’ finances, arrangements for outings and visitors, complaints and appeals procedures Procedures are the mechanisms for applying policies.

For example, the board might expect the chief executive to regularly report to the full board about the status of implementation, including progress toward each of the overall strategic goals. If they are, then acknowledge, reward and communicate the progress. Chief executives should see status at least on a monthly basis. The plan is only a guideline, not a strict roadmap which must be followed.

In turn, the chief executive might expect regular status reports from middle managers regarding the status toward their achieving the goals and objectives assigned to them. Usually the organization ends up changing its direction somewhat as it proceeds through the coming years.

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