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The couple might tie the knot by the end of the year.Shoaib recently said in an interview that he would love to take the plunge in 2017.The day after my I officially hit 30, I slept for 14 hours straight.When I finally woke up, I was stunned that it was even possible for someone for sleep that long without being anesthesized.

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Dipika is reportedly also willing to walk down the aisle this year itself.

Dipika Kakar is in a relationship with her former co-star Shoaib Ibrahim for quite some time now and they are now planning to tie the knot.

The crystal ball picks came pouring in for them after that. They very well could end up with his commitment, but I wouldn t pay too much attention to anything until closer to national signing day or after. David deangelo interview david deangelo interviews with dating gurus 58 interviews gurus. Original Article a look patriots-steelers connections as we into this week s game pittsburgh. Could he stick with his leader and commit to Alabama? It s easy to sit here as adults and think that guys like Solomon shouldn t have a hard time making a decision, but take your red and black glasses off and think of how hard it would be as a senior in high school to make such a life changing decision.

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