Intimidating workplace definition

When it does occur, laws and policies must be in place to empower individuals to speak out and to hold offenders accountable for their wrongdoing.

I am proud to stand with my colleagues in the Senate Republican Conference to create a safer workplace for all employees.

), sponsored by Senator Catharine Young, Senator Elaine Phillips, Senator Terrence Murphy, members of the Senate Republican Women’s Caucus, and others, would prevent individuals from engaging in misconduct that creates a hostile work environment in either the public or private sectors, and encourage victims to come forward.

The major reforms passed today include: establishing a statutory definition of sexual harassment; prohibiting the anonymity of the accused in court-approved settlements and banning mandatory sexual harassment arbitration clauses; prohibiting confidentiality agreements unless the victim requests confidentiality; expanding protections to independent contractors; creating uniform policies for all branches of state and local government; and protecting hardworking taxpayers from paying for public sector harassment settlements.

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This is particularly true in regards to sexual harassment.The Senate is acting to create the safer workplaces all employees deserve by providing a comprehensive fix that incorporates key proposals from both Republicans and Democrats.It protects victims, gives them a voice, holds individuals accountable for their unacceptable behavior, and safeguards taxpayer money from being used in individual settlements.This legislation will establish an atmosphere of safety and security.I am hopeful the Assembly and the Governor will join us and act now.

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