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She said that Daniel made the first move, and that they started talking after he got her email address.Pick up the June 2009 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine to read about Keyshia Cole’s views on religion and her plans for marriage.Keyshia Cole joined the cast of when asked whether she is dating. People make mistakes and learn.” It is unclear whether Keyshia Cole was talking about Niko Khale and seems to be keeping the rumored relationship private.The “Heaven Sent” singer does not have any photos of Niko on her Instagram account., the Grammy-nominated singer may be dating Niko Khale after a photo shows them getting cozy on a quad bike.The publication states on its Instagram page that Keyshia Cole and her rumored boyfriend celebrated Niko’s mother’s birthday together. There is somebody but it’s a slow kinda procedure with the whole getting to know each other thing and it takes time.During the joint interview, where Gucci phoned in from prison, the two made plans to record together, but that has yet to happen.On Friday, Gucci released an unedited version of the interview where he and Jeezy sounded very cordial. I just told him it wasn't a good idea, we past that.

S2S hung out with with Keyshia Cole and the singer told S2S about her relationship with Daniel Gibson (what a cutie! Keyshia said that although there is an age difference between them (she’s 26 years old and Daniel is 23), he has a good head on his shoulders.At its height, the beef between Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy got pretty ugly.And though things had seemingly died down, Gucc went on a Twitter tear this weekend, this time involving Keyshia Cole and T. It all began when Gucci referred to the Snowman as a "sucka" during an interview with Power 105's the Breakfast Club in New York on Wednesday."I Radric Davis aka Guwap bet 100K I can and will beat Jeezy ass #JUSTTRUTHS," he wrote before roping T. On "Truth," Gucci alleged that while the R&B star was dating Jeezy, she also carried on an affair with Diddy."Putting all ya trust in some of these 'Hood Rappers'..

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