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Speaking of Tessa, with almost the entirety of relevant Skate Canada present and accounted for at the Langlois/Hay wedding, guess who was not? Jeff didn't give it a second thought, neither did Tessa, and later that year Tessa gave the green light for Fedor to tweet a photo of the two of them posing in front of an inn with Fedor "recommending" it. Scott letting us know he's getting busy with Jessica, Tessa with a desultory rotating line-up which immediately upon dating her takes up TMI habits on Twitter.

 Shit, even this guy made an appearance, although the caption suggests he could only visit before taking off again. So why on earth would Scott and Tessa plotz over people thinking Scott and Tessa attending a pair of teammates' beach wedding along with a platoon of other figure skaters might mean they were together? She hasn't been at any of the weddings, save Leanne Moir's, since 2008.

The split had to have been amicable if Scott is still wearing the designer jacket Jessica purchased for him (Surely she's the as-always nameless "former" gf in a recent article).* Or perhaps he intends to cling to every item of clothing from Jessica, wear that stuff til it unravels.

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Unless he was being clever and letting us know this is why he'd never marry Jessica. She and Scott are platonic, every figure skater in SC is there who could be there, this wedding has been scheduled for a year so Tessa had plenty of time to clear her calendar if she were invited, and surely Scott and Tessa and Barb don't believe that if Tessa were known to be at a beach resort at the same time Scott Moir and a gazillion teammates and former teammates were at the same beach resort in order to attend the wedding of beloved former Olympic teammates, people would think they were together as a couple! Shit, she went to NYC with (possibly among others) Jeff Buttle in 2009 and Buttle sent twitpics without fearing people would jump to conclusions. Or unless there's literal profit in it, as in money.

Eta; 6) Tessa wa _______________________________ *That little back door info drop shows just what kind of weasels they are.

I think we can expect the "reveal' to be effected with the exact same chicken-shittery.

The next day, student demonstrations filled the streets of the capital, and the rest is, well, history.

The most enthusiastic backer of this version of events may be Bernardo Bertolucci, who depicted Langlois' rise and fall in The Dreamers (2003) - which provides our cover.

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