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The most amusing moment of the episode involved Ian popping up above a surprised Nikki (Sophina Brown), Liz (Aya Sumika) and Larry.

His response to "You always gotta make your appearance like that?

With his help it's basically the best crime-fighting unit in the history of civilization, even though at one point, when Don Eppes, Charlie’s brother (Rob Morrow), is fighting for Charlie’s clearance he says his unit only has a 85 percent clearance rate. The math discussions are ostensibly the part of Numb3rs that sets it apart from other shows, and it does to an extent; you’ll likely never see a discussion of game theory on NCIS: Los Angeles.

But the math portions always seem shoe-horned in, and are so short, that it’s unlikely anyone will actually learn any math from Numb3rs.

His most crazed lines worked ("Is a coyote insane because it eats your poodle? Other actors might have felt compelled to play Mason over the top; Callis chose a more understated approach and it works -- Mason is incredibly creepy. Navi Rawat often gives monotous line deliveries and is generally not the best actor on the show.

But for the first time ever I didn't find Amita annoying this time.

) Numb3rs (stupid uses of the number three all theirs), is really just a CBS crime show in the post-CSI landscape; a show with increasingly complex crimes that the characters are supposed to solve in the course of a 40-minute episode, while dealing with personal strife that ultimately has no consequences.Despite what our math teachers tried to tell us in high school, very few of us really use anything but the most basic math in our day-to-day lives.We had more fun figuring out how to spell inappropriate words using numbers turned upside down on our calculators.It was a pleasure to see one of my favorite recurring characters again, Ian Edgarton (Lou Diamond Phillips).Ian always fits perfectly into the cast, with his unique tracking and sharpshooting skills both complementing and supplementing the investigation.

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