Pre recorded webcam shows

COOL FLIGHTS Friday July 6, 2018 - Falconwatch Coordinator Chelsea Decoster reports: The falcons were more active compared to yesterday morning, especially with the change in temperature.

The chicks were seen chasing each other frequently and twice were displaying some talon touching.

A parent was also perched on a SW corner of Stelco. There was not much activity seen for the remainder of my morning shift.

I observed one of the falcons on the CDI College building for a couple of minutes. One of the chicks was seen flying to a window ledge on the NE side of David Braley. The other two chicks were on the lower roof of David Braley, SE side.Minutes later, a sparrow arrived on the same ledge! 20 minutes later, after I had made a tour of downtown Hamilton to try and find the other falcons, Lily had left and I hadn't been able to see any of the other falcons.They are flying much further afield and I was unable to locate them before my shift ended.The one with food ate on top of City Hall, while the other perched close by for a few minutes and then flew towards Homewood and then east.Upon arriving at 9am today, I spotted a chick on the NW corner of Stelco. The falcons also spent some time on the BDC and Homewood today.

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