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Publications of the life story of British Royal Navy officer and explorer John Franklin is today regarded as one of the starting points of the so called age of Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. John Ross was a British explorer who sailed toward North Sea more than 70 years before brave heroes of polar discovery started their journeys toward North and South Pole.Today he is remembered for this several trips into Northwestern Passage and for being first man who reached North Magnetic Pole.John Smith is today remembered as one of the most celebrated figures in the early history of North America.Here you can learn more about his exploits in establishing first English settlement in the United States and other adventures.

Sir Walter Raleigh is today best remembered as the greatest source of information regarding the stories about mystical Central American city of El Dorado.

Exploits of this English explorer proved to be instrumental in the exploration of the Antarctic.

One of his most famous missions is the one from 1908, where he managed to get only 102 miles from the pole.

Sir John Hawkins is today remembered as a famous military commander and slave trader that had great impact in the defense of the England against powerful Spanish Armada in 1588, and the numerous fights against Spanish forces throughout his entire life.

The exploits of Sir Martin Frobisher remain remembered today as one of the first tries of English explorers to chart the waters surrounding Canada.

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