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Member of the following campus committees - Student Activities 1986-87, Academic Standards 1987-89, Curriculum 1989-90, and Marketing Committee 1987-90. Nov 1981 Medical Technologist: Clinical Laboratory, St. Clinical Laboratory Scientist as certified by the National Certification Agency and the American Society for Medical Technology, January 1982 to January 1986.

Administrative responsibilities: Coordinate students' clinical rotations, work with the school and the affiliates in maximizing student learning, collate student clinical grades, prepare students for the ASCP National Registry, oversee Clinical Coordinators, maintain a working relationship between the school, the affiliates and the Medical Director, and student recruitment/retention. PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE: Medical Laboratory Technologist - General # ML0000020073 Tennessee, August 1998 to August 2000.

1977 - 1980 Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas; Pre-Medical Technology curriculum, 102 semester hours. Graduate Admissions Committee August 2011 to present; Graduate Oral Examination Committees, fall 2013: one; spring 2014: three; summer 2014: five; fall 2014: three (one repeat, chair for two of the three) spring 2015 chair for three, summer 2015 chair for one;fall 2015: one, chair; spring 2016: one, chair; summer 2016: three, chair; fall 2016: one, committee chair Educator Coordinators’ Committee August 2011 to present College: Online Learning Steering committee, August 2016 to present Awards committee January 2014 to May 2016 University - Mc Nair Scholars’ Program mentor, Sequetta Sewell, 2012.

EXPERIENCE: August 2012 - Current Assistant Professor/Graduate Coordinator: The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Responsibilities include: teaching undergraduate and graduate students in the Medical Laboratory Science department including: MLS 201 Medical Terminology (multiple sections), MLS 406/526 Hematology I, MLS 405/505 Parasitology, MLS 405L/505L Parasitology lab, MLS 612 Clinical Laboratory Program Development, and MLS 615 Clinical Laboratory Management; using Blackboard for MLS 201 and 406/526 as a supplement and for MLS 612 and 615 that are totally on-line; advising all graduate students, processing graduate applications, being on graduate committees for written/oral comprehensive exams (often chair committee) and helping students to complete graduation applications; working with chair to keep the graduate handbook up to date; working with colleague to update MLS graduate website; helping to upgrade technology in the department and other duties as assigned. Professional: ASCLS national Committee on Education Programs and Initiatives (CEPI): August 2015 to present; three year term ASCLS-MS Scientific Assemblies Committee Chair: 2015 to present.

Responsibilities included: maintenance of departmental computer hardware, tutoring in computer software utilization, and miscellaneous office assistance.

Sept.1995 Graduate assistant: Louisiana State University, School of May 1996 Vocational Education, Baton Rouge, LA.

1990 Coordinator: Area Health Education Center - South Arkansas, El Dorado, AR; Researched, surveyed, and documented the need for an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMT-P) program; laid the foundation for the EMT-P training program at Southern Arkansas University - El Dorado. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: Working toward Medical Laboratory Scientist certification by continuing education through the Board of Certification, August 2015 to present.

August 1986 Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program Director/Instructor: August 1990 Southern Arkansas University - El Dorado, El Dorado, AR; Faculty responsibilities: Orientation to the Clinical Laboratory with student lab, Microbiology, Hematology/Coagulation with student lab, Phlebotomy, Instrumentation/Body Fluids/Serology, Clinical Chemistry, and Clinical Immunohematology with student lab. Medical Technologist as certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists, February 1982 to present.

A registered nurse at Grady Hospital, Dee worked double shifts to support her family before injuring herself in a car accident.

2013 4MAT 690 training – a six week training that covers the use of 4MAT in the classroom; About Learning, Bernice Mc Carthy; 4MAT Basic Training.

2010 e College, on-line; e-College Certified Instructor e-College; EDU 101A e Certification: Developing Online Courses.

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EDUCATION: 2013 4MAT intensive workshop; About Learning, Bernice Mc Carthy; Certified 4MAT Trainer.

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