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If anyone trying this out could watch the 9th and 10th language they learn to see if this is repeated I am sure that others will appreciate it. -Sometime during the skilling of goblin (but before they reached 100), the stats went to 6 in hp, endurance and man. -The rest of languages increased all or some of the stats..languages were not consistant.

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I also had never done the language-thing before and was bored of AA grinding, so I bought two stones in the baz (one for 2k pp, the other for 1.5k pp) and started language skilling. I made a marco button in the Socials page (in Actions) by typing "/gsay blah" (without the quotes) in all five lines.Thus different people are seeing different increases on different languages. Based on this, I am convinced that only int (not the higher of int or wis) affects the skill rate of languages.Lady Turvey Jrai'Detbaen Battle Cleric Firiona Vie I just maxed my tainted heartstone. -the group window chats will say "tells the group in an unknown tongue..." until your language skill in that language reaches stats on this charm are now maxed at what they say they should be....last lang i just found out about is dark speech, which is now maxed, as well as all of them.if u would like to learn this speech, if i am free on server EM feel free to look up syrendipity.

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