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CAMERA moves into a bedroom area where we see a FIGURE from the back sitting on the bed -- NARRATOR It seems that the arguing and the fighting and all of the violence was far too much for Sydney Barringer and knowing his mother and father's tendency to fight, he decided to do something -- CAMERA reveals that it is CAMERA moves in on the YOUNG BOY, who looks INTO CAMERA. Serve and Protect and all that other blah-blah-blah on the side of the car it says -- CUT TO: CAMERA holds a CU. He speaks to someone unseen; JIM KURRING This is not an easy job. YOUNG BOY He said he wanted them to kill each other, that all they wanted to do was kill each other and he would help them if that's what they wanted to do -- CUT TO: This is a WIDE ANGLE REPLAY of the whole event. Sydney starts to jump and the film suddenly slows down... QUICK DISSOLVE TO: CAMERA pushes in following two GUESTS through some double doors and reveals the DINNER RECEPTION. CAMERA pushes in quick then blends to 60fps on a man in glasses: DONALD HARPER, forensic scientist as he speaks into the microphone. ANGLE, a random window on the sixth floor of the building SMASHES.... NARRATOR The coroner ruled that the unsuccessful suicide had suddenly become a succesful homicide. The OLDER MAN is backing away from the OLDER WOMAN who is coming at him with a SHOTGUN. NARRATOR The tale told at a 1961 awards dinner for the American Association Of Forensic Science by Dr. ANGLE, Sydney's stomach...a BULLET rips into it as he falls...blood splatters and his body flinches.... Sydney's body and some shattered glass FALL directly at the CAMERA...which pulls back a little to reveal: a SAFETY NET in the foreground.... NARRATOR -- and it was not uncommon for them to threaten each other with a shotgun or one of the many handguns kept in the house -- OLDER MAN Put it down, put that fuckin' thing down Fay -- OLDER WOMAN -- I'II fucking tell YOU. I try to stay pyhsically fit, my job demands it, so I'm in pretty good shape. JIM KURRING Maybe so, but I'm gonna ask you one more time: Is Anyone Else In This House Right Now?

CAMERA moves towards the little EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY as he watches the older couple CRY and SCREAM as detectives begin to cuff them -- NARRATOR is in the humble opinion of this narrator that this is not just "Something That Happened." This cannot be "One of those things..." This, please, cannot be that. Each has a few semi-geeks talking to a bunch of sexy young girls. "Seduce and Destroy," creates an immediate sexual attraction in any muffin you meet. CUT TO: CAMERA PULLS BACK from the parked car in a new location as Stanley gets out of the car with his backpacks, Rick watches from the driver's seat; RICK Be ready at two -- STANLEY Should be one-thirty. He has spiky hair, a small stud earing and a bad grey suit. CUT TO: CAMERA pulls back as DONNIE and his dentist, DR. DONNIE Great, great, great, so I'll see you tommorrow morning. ..he's going just a bit too a flash, he's over the parking stopper and up on the curb and taps the glass store front just enough to have GLASS FALL AND SHATTER and DISPLAYS FALL OVER ONTO THE HOOD OF THE CAR.... He has a flat top, flip shade sunglasses that he flips up and he's carrying 7-11 coffee and a donut.... CAMERA PANS/DOLLIES away and TILTS up to the cieling; QUICK DISSOLVE TO: CAMERA dollies in on LINDA PARTRIDGE (30s) as she paces around in a nightgown, pops a pill, talks on the phone; LINDA Well, you're his doctor and that's why -- well tell me something -- tell me something -- XCU, She sees the the bottle of pills she is popping from is empty. (beat) Fuck it, I'm coming to see you, I need to come see you to get him more pills and I need some answers so you better just talk to me, I'm coming to see you, I'm coming to see you -- She SLAMS down the phone.

CAMERA closes in on an EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY, speaking with a DETECTIVE. PHONE SERVICE VOICE If you would like to hear more personal descriptions from other men in your area, press two now -- CUT TO: CAMERA observing the officers at a morning role call, DOLLIES and BOOMS DOWN towards JIM KURRING, sitting off to the side a bit by himself.

NARRATOR A young boy who lived in the building, sometimes a vistor and friend to Sydney Barringer said that he had seen, six days prior the loading of the shotgun -- The DETECTIVE turns his head and calls to another -- DETECTIVE C'mere a minute -- CUT TO: . POLICE CAPTAIN (OC) ..much violence..that's the way of the world..luck, as always... She tries to be cheerful, tries to say something nice, but uh-huh, it's just Bad News.

And I Would Like To Think This Was Only A Matter Of Chance. CUT TO: CAMERA (STEADICAM) follows behind JIM KURRING. Is anyone else, besides me and besides you in this house?

CUT TO: Back to the fight DELMER and CRAIG HANSEN are having: CAMERA DOLLIES IN QUICK TOWARDS Delmer on the ground with blood coming from his nose. NARRATOR And I Am Trying To Think This Was All Only A Matter Of Chance. We hear same screaming and yelling coming fram behind the door; NARRATOR The neighbors heard, as they usually did, the arguing of the tenants -- QUICK DISSOLVE TO: An ELDERLY COUPLE (early 60s) are savagely fighting and throwing things. And We Move Through This Life We Should Try And Do Good.

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