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If multiple test runs through new purchase code are necessary and your email provider does not support qualifiers, then consider setting up a consumable IAP just for testing purposes. For everything to work correctly, it’s really important that the bundle identifier and product identifiers in the app match the ones you just created in the Developer Center and in i Tunes Connect. Select the The list of product identifiers can be pulled from a web server so new IAPs can be added dynamically rather than requiring an app update.Delete the app on your device after each test and the purchase of a consumable IAP will be considered a new purchase. This tutorial keeps things simple and uses hard-coded product identifiers. If this sort of thing concerns you, then it’s worth checking out Apple’s documentation on Validating App Store Receipts – this allows you to verify that a user has made a particular purchase.In this in-app purchase tutorial you’ll leverage IAPs to unlock extra content embedded in an app.You’ll need to be familiar with basic Swift and i OS programming concepts.These special test purchases can only be made by a special “Sandbox Tester” user account in i Tunes Connect. The email address you enter should also NOT already be associated with an Apple ID account.Hint: if you have a gmail account, you can simply use an address alias instead of having to create a brand new account.This method evaluates the state of each transaction in an array of updated transactions and calls the relevant helper method: .It also posts a notification with that transaction so that any interested object in the app can listen for it to do things like update the user interface.

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Finally, in both the case of success or failure, it marks the transaction as finished by calling Build and run the app – but to test out purchases, you’ll have to run it on a device.

Once I upgraded to 10.11.6, the popup dialog automatically appeared at the top of the Overview page. When offering IAP within an an app, you must first add an entry for each individual purchase within i Tunes Connect.

If you’ve ever listed an app for sale in the store, it’s a similar process and includes things like choosing a pricing tier for the purchase.

For more information about all of this, check out Apple’s full documentation on Creating In-App Purchase Products. There’s one more step required before you can delve into some code. You can make up a first and last name for your test user, but the email address chosen must be a real email address as a verification will be sent to the address by Apple.

Now, while viewing your app’s entry in i Tunes Connect, click on the . When testing in-app purchases in a development build of an app, Apple provides a test environment which allows you to ‘purchase’ your IAP products without creating financial transactions. Once you receive that email, be sure to click the link in it to verify your address.

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