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“Oh, that scene will forever live in infamy,” says Daniels, who plays the slightly goofy, now-out tennis player Dana Fairbanks.

“It’s a little bit darker this season,” adds Daniels, whom we last saw passionately kissing Hailey (even though Dana and Alice are supposed to be platonic best friends), which makes us wonder just how far they’ll take their “friendship” this go-round.

“But I can have the hair long, put on makeup, wear a dress, and do the exact opposite as well.” And don’t confuse Moennig’s own personality with that of Shane’s.

“I don’t fear commitment and people in my world getting too close,” she says.

If there’s one thing all the actors share with their characters, it’s a remarkable sense of community and camaraderie.

In real life they’ve become sorority sisters of sorts, spending nearly six months a year together filming the series in Vancouver, Canada. “I was in New York at the time, with that New York snobbism, and I thought, Oh, God, eight women from Los Angeles,” she sneers. I was so blown away by how grounded and dedicated these women are.

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