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What we are promising you is 'happily ever after.' A marriage truly made in heaven." As a 1996 New York Times Bestseller, The Rules: Time Tested Secrets for Capturing the Hearts of Mr.Right spawned multiple sequels, including The Rules II: More Rules to Live and Love By (1998), The Rules for Marriage: Time-Tested Secrets for making Your Marriage Work (2002), and The Rules for Online Dating: Capturing the heart of Mr. Referred to as "the original dating bible" by American Woman magazine, these dating guides created a movement of followers called "Rules Girls," who believe that Fein and Schneider will lead them down the aisle into marital bliss.He is the author of Start It, Sell It and Make a Mint: 20 Wealth Creating Secrets for Business Owners; The First Time Investors Workbook; and The Money Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Great Financial Decisions.

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You can manage all of these DBMS products -- even at the same time -- from a single application.

DB Solo runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux platforms, so you don't have to buy another tool only because you want to run manage your databases from different operating systems.

In addition to viewing and managing objects such as schemas, tables, indexes, views, tablespaces, users, roles, sessions and stored procedures you can also view, edit, print and export data of tables or results of your ad-hoc queries.

Ad-hoc queries can be entered in a query window that supports auto-completion, explain plan, multiple result-sets, printing, persisted query history, exporting, image, XML, ASN.1 viewing and searching within results.

DB Solo also contains table and index creator tools that allow you to create tables and indexes without knowing SQL.

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